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Cunning Coyotes

It was 5:30 am. We awoke to a frenzied yipping fiasco behind the house. Jumped out of bed and sprinted out to the back deck to see what was going on. It was dark and we could only hear them. No idea how many were out there....

Last weekend we got a donkey for protection. I know some of you are now laughing but seriously, they are fantastic livestock guardians. They kill coyotes when threatened. Seriously. Google it.

Forrest, our Standard Jack Donkey was out there in the dark somewhere along with our Jersey Steer Norman and our Mini Stallion Dusty. The 3 amigos.

We greabbed my crossbow and the machete and off we went. After a perimiter search of the pasture and standing guard on the back deck which looks off into a 2 acre forest, they were gone.

I guess we scared them off....

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