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I Won The Lottery...Of Sorts!

Our local hardware/farm supply store, Ace Peel Hardware in Caledon (otherwise known as 'my happy place') has helped us get a LOT of projects off the ground on our previous homestead and now here on our farm. When I started shopping there a couple of years ago, we were so new to farm and livestock life that I must have sounded like a nut job when I would go in there with grand ideas for projects that we needed supplies for. These guys were amazing at humoring me and helping me find the products and materials I needed. I have been into that shop more times I think than any other shop in my life, at some points daily as we were working on infrastructure projects . I'm fairly confident that I have been the source of many a water cooler conversation that went something 'did you hear what the crazy lady is up to now' ha ha. In all seriousness though they have been great at helping me and making me a better farmer. It's a place of dreams for me really, a place where I can walk the aisles and come up with new solutions and advancements for our operation. Some gals like shoe shops.... I like my farm store, what can I say.

Last weekend Ace held a special event called Equus-Fest in support of Trail Ride for Breast Cancer and LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society. They had guest speakers and some pretty nice swag bags. As part of this event they also raffled off some amazing prizes which I (of course) bought a bunch of tickets for.

Well lo and behold, we got the call this afternoon that we had won, not one, not two but three awesome prizes!!

You might as well have told me that we won a million bucks because I was over the moon at having won a bunch of new horse and livestock supplies and a new Gallagher fencer!!

Forrest and Dusty are going to be over the moon with their new treats and the girls are in LOVE with their new brushes to keep them looking gorgeous. All of this loot will also come in handy as we were asked if we would adopt a thoroughbred once she finishes up on the track soon...more on that to come!

Thanks Ace, for being a great inspiration. You guys rock!

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