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~ Glamping ~

aka Glamorous Camping

Life outdoors with the luxuries of home

Imagine a short drive up to Alabaster Acres after a hard day at the office and arriving to find your ultra-relaxing retreat all set up and ready for you. A gorgeous tent nestled in a tranquil forest setting, just waiting for you.


No time wasted loading the car with all the camping gear. No tent to set up in the dark after battling the long drive up north. No hoping and praying the store is still open and that they haven't sold out of ultra expensive firewood.


Everything is here, ready and waiting for you.

All you need to bring is your food, your bevvies and your personal gear. 

You arrive to notice the luxurious king sized comfy bed, complete with heated mattress pad and two duvets, that beckons you to crawl in at the end of the evening. You put your food and drinks into the mini fridge without having to worry about where you are going to get ice for your cooler. You fire up the BBQ and grab the nice bottle of wine you brought and just when you curse yourself for forgetting the opener, you look in the cabinet and find one, along with everything you need to prep dinner and set a beautiful table. You realize that not only do you not have to 'make do' but you have everything you need to set the scene for a swanky evening. You sit on the porch and look around and think, wow, this place is amazing. Just then the twinkle lights in the trees come on as the sun starts to set. You notice the fire pit and think, I should light a nice fire and right then you notice the stack of firewood and kindling stacked all ready and waiting for you.


The table is set, the wine is poured into the generous sized stemless wine glasses and you think to yourself, all that's missing is some music.  You cue up a few songs in your phone, prepared to play from that and discover there is actually Bluetooth speaker in your tent! After a delicious dinner you are sitting around the table wishing you had brought a deck of cards. Another peek in the drawers and you find a fresh deck, right in between the fly swatter and the cute bucket of clothes pins with a note about where to find your private clothes line. You also find a remote and wonder what its for and with the press of a button the battery operated candles come on - sweet!   

You are sitting around the fire and wonder how many other people know about this hidden gem of an experience.

After a restful sleep in the fresh air you awake to the sounds of the forest. You make yourself a great cup of coffee and enjoy it in the hammock and wonder to yourself about when last you felt so peaceful. You decide to freshen up  and discover the super cool outdoor shower. At first you are a bit shy and close both sets of curtains but then you hear a rustle a few feet away and peek out from the inside curtain to find a mini goat looking back at you from the pasture saying good morning. Cool! You decide to get brave and leave that inside curtain open and find yourself talking to the alpaca, wondering if you have ever talked to an alpaca before in your life. You return to your tent to discover the hosts have brought you a breakfast box full of baked goods, fruit and yoghurt - nice. 

After dinner you decide to have a relaxing bubble bath in the antique claw foot open-air bath. You take your book along and decide you are going to be brave and leave the internal curtain open to look out over the pasture and you find yourself hoping that mini goat comes back to say hello.

As you relax in the tub, you realize your soul feels truly rested and you wonder how soon you can make plans to come back. Perhaps next time you'll bring a few of your favourite people back with you and book all three tents...    or maybe not...maybe this will be your best kept secret getaway for years to come.

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