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A Girl and Her Horse..and Donkey

Yesterday we told you a bit about bringing home Dusty, the little mini horse stallion that was in rough shape earlier this month. I am happy to report that his condition improves every day. He is coming out of his shell and is turning out to be a lovely little fellow. Every morning before anything, Olivia, our eldest is out the back door like a flash to see her beloved equine friends. Norman, the Jersey steer usually joins in too to see what all the fuss is about. Olivia spends hours with them, lovingly brushing them and giving them treats. Right now she is working on training Forrest (the donkey) to come to a whistle. She saw it in a movie once and fancies herself a horse trainer now! She is dying to get in to the pasture with them but Norman is a liability (more on that in another post) so for now she has to love them from this side of the fence line unless we have the cow tied up.

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