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Maple Workshops
Terms & Conditions

Physical Distancing, masking and sanitizing protocols in place when required or advised by authorities.


Guests must follow the guidelines set forth by Alabaster Acres staff upon arrival to ensure the safety

of all parties involved - the guests, our staff and our animals, should you encounter them during your visit to the farm.

These workshops are not designed for small children and it is

recommended that all participants be 14 years of age or older. 

Children must be fully supervised by an adult (18+) at all times, while at Alabaster Acres.


Guests must wear closed-toe shoes or boots.

High heels are not recommended as we will be in a forest on uneven ground.

When icy conditions are present, you will be issued crampons (boot spikes) to wear.

Please dress for the the weather as this is an outdoor experience and we run our workshops in snow, rain or shine.

We recommend you wear layers as the temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the day.

The production of maple syrup involves boiling sap and proximity to fire and open flame.

Caution must be taken at all times.

Alabaster Acres will provide safety guidance and equipment but will not be held responsible for any

injuries to guests or damage to property belonging to guests. 

Pets of any kind are not permitted ~ please leave them at home.

Alabaster Acres is a working farm.

The animals living here are very socialized but they are not trained

and will do as animals do: whatever they please.

 I realize and fully understand that visiting a farm carries a certain amount of risk.

Our goats love people in general but the behaviour of any animal, either ours or wild, is unpredictable.

There is always a possibility of a fall or injury, whether from an

animal or not, that could cause serious bodily harm, injury or even death.


 I will not hold Alabaster Acres responsible for the behaviour or action(s) of any animal on the property.

My guests and/or family members and I are participating in this experience at our own risk.

I will not hold Alabaster Acres, AFS Inc., the Alabaster Family, or any of their employees,

associates or volunteers responsible for any injury or damage to any person, animal or property whatsoever.

Alabaster Acres reserves the right to cancel sessions for any reason.

Of course, if we must cancel your session, you will be issued a full refund.

Cancellation Policy:
For a full refund or to change the date of a reservation, cancellation or change requests must be made

via email to a full 7 days in advance.

Reservations made within 7 days of the event are non-refundable and non-changeable.

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