Goat Yoga

Alabaster Acres has welcomed quite a few baby Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf Goats into our farm family

this summer and they are ready to play, jump, climb and cuddle with our farm guests!

We will be hosting Goat Yoga classes on select Saturdays during September and October here at the farm

We also offer private Goat Yoga classes for birthday parties and other special events.

Please contact us directly for more information.

Classes will be 50 minutes in length, followed by a 10-15 minute "Goat Social"


Masks will be worn during the Goat Social


Arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class to get set up


We ask that you arrive with the following items:

-A Yoga Mat (we will not be providing mats)

-A "dog towel" or similar type of towel/blanket that you don't mind getting dirty to go under your mat

-A mask


We recommend that you bring:

-Clothing layers because fall weather is unpredictable

-Some clothes to slip over your yoga clothes after you leave the farm,

in case you're a little dirty and want to keep your car seats clean

-A cell phone to take cute pictures


By attending Goat Yoga at Alabaster Acres, you consent to having your photo taken while participating in the class. These photos may be used on social media and in advertisements

Alabaster Acres is a working farm. The animals that live here are not trained and will do as animals do: whatever they please. There will be anywhere from 4 to 7 goats present throughout the class. They may choose to climb on your back or they may avoid you entirely. They may fall asleep on your mat or they may fall asleep with their siblings in the corner.

Do not expect anything from the goats other than cuteness and grass-eating, but they may surprise you. 

Should a goat choose to urinate or defecate on your mat or your person, farm staff will be on standby to help clean up.

18692 Hurontario Street

Caledon Village, Ontario, L7K 0Y1

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