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Geocaching Adventures

Are you looking for a unique team building experience, date night or something fun and adventurous

to do with your friends?

Why not bring your group to the farm for a Geocaching Adventure!


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern day scavenger hunt that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to guide you to hidden 'caches'.

There are more than 2.8 million geocaches hidden all over the world.


What is an Alabaster Acres Geocaching Adventure?

Families, groups, teams and friends will work together to find caches hidden around our farm property with the assistance of our hand held GPS units. Each cache contains either coordinates, a riddle or a secret code that you will need to call into “Headquarters” using the walkie-talkie that your team has been issued in order to be directed to the next secret location. We customize the adventure and level of difficulty to accommodate young kids right up to agile, athletic and experienced geocachers and we can make it is as easy or difficult as you like.


You can either work through a predesignated course already programmed into the GPS units or we can add the challenge of just giving you coordinates to go on. We will work with you to build the adventure you want.

You will learn important skills like navigation, problem solving and working as a team, all while getting some fresh air and having fun.

Contact us today to set up your unique Geocaching Adventure!

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