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Adult  Private Workshops

Have you ever wondered how to get into homesteading, farming, handiwork or gardening?

Are you the kind of person who always enjoys learning new skills?

We offer lots of great workshops to give you hands on experience and the confidence you need to get going.

Join us for some insight and we will inspire you! 

These are private workshops that you can choose to do individually or with friends. The pricing for this adjusts in the drop down menu depending on the number of participants in your group. The price you see by default is for a group of 1 to 4 participants but the more people you have in your group, the more cost effective it becomes. You choose the workshop and how many people will be in your private group and together we will set a date and time that works for you. Most workshops are between 1.5-3 hours in length depending on the group size. Please contact us directly for pricing on groups of more than 10 people.

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