18692 Hurontario Street

Caledon Village, Ontario, L7K 0Y1

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Alabaster Acres Border Collies

Border Collies

Our Border Collies have wonderful temperaments and very loving personalities. They are members of our family and live in our home.

We breed for calm, intelligent, athletic offspring suitable for almost anything - family life, agility, fly-ball or for farm work.


We shear our dogs once per year in the spring which you will see in some of the pictures. We do this because there are lots of burs on our property, it helps keep them cleaner and allows us to check them regularly for tics. Life on the farm here is full of adventure and exploring is fun but can also get very messy!

Black Pearl

Pearl is a medium coat black and white tricolor female. She is easy going, brave and has a loving demeanor. She is great with children and other animals.