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Heritage Pork

Most of the pork that you buy in the grocery store comes from a factory farms that house pigs in ridiculously small confinement units - so small that many pigs do not even have enough space to turn around. They spend their lives on concrete and they never see the light of day. They are fed a diet that puts weight on fast yet costs as little as possible, often containing genetically modified grain and in some places even rendered animal bi-products (waste animal tissue) - yuck!

Pigs are raised naturally here at Alabaster Acres. 

First off, they live out on pasture where they are free to be pigs. They root around in the soil, they bask in the early morning sun and nap in the shade of the trees when it gets too hot in the afternoon. We frequently run the hose for them to make wallows in the mud which they love. They are fed a NON-GMO diet of whole grains and scraps from our kitchen. Their favorite days are when we harvest the organic gardens. 

We usually begin with piglets in the early spring and we raise them up over the summer and send them for processing in the fall. When it is time, they are loaded up and taken to a government inspected facility for processing and packaging.

We usually raise Berkshire/Tamworth crosses but if you want a different breed we will find it for you. We begin with discussing your goals. Are you looking for a pig you can BBQ on a spit at a certain size or are you looking for packaged pork for your freezer? How much pork do you want to end up with?

Whole pig? Half Pig? Quarter Pig?

From there we work out a time frame, an estimated final weight and cost as well as a deposit amount required. 


When it is time for processing, you are given a 'cut sheet' to fill in which allows you the freedom to chose how you want your meat packaged. Do you prefer roasts, chops, ground, sausage, bacon, etc. You can divvy your meat up any way you like. If you are a single person perhaps you want your pork shops individually packaged but if you are a family of 4 then packages of 4s or 6s might work better for your family. You have complete control. 

You are also free to visit your pig from time to time. You can watch how it grows, help with feeding and farm chores too if you want. This program is great for families that want to teach their children about where their food comes from.


We raise our pork ethically with the highest standards and end up with a product that we are proud to stock not only our freezer, but the freezers of our family, friends and customers as well.

Space in this program is limited.

Contact us early to place your order. 

Raised on premium  feed,

fresh water, green grass, 
sunshine and love