18692 Hurontario Street

Caledon Village, Ontario, L7K 0Y1

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Dog Boarding

It's not always easy to find someone to look after our fur babies when we need to go away .

If you are anything like us, the thought of leaving your pooch in a crate at a kennel is not appealing.

Here at our farm, your dog can enjoy a more home like atmosphere and lots of access to the great outdoors.

We offer in-home boarding with options for sleeping (crated or free run of the house) as well as in-barn boarding in spacious clean and well bedded stalls, either with access to a large outdoor run or not. Sometimes 'rest' is in order for sick or injured pets or whelping/nursing mothers and pups and we can accommodate those needs too.

If you are a household of more than one dog we also have options so that they can be boarded together to ease the stress of you being away. No matter what your unique situation is, we are more than likely able to come up with a customized solution to meet your needs. Just give us a call!

Please call or email us to book your dog in for a stay to confirm we have space before placing your order below

If you would prefer to board your dog in a home environment, here are our options:

If you would prefer to board your dog in a barn environment, here are our options:

Additional services offered: