18692 Hurontario Street

Caledon Village, Ontario, L7K 0Y1

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There is nothing quite like the taste of good quality, healthy, farm raised chicken.

Throughout the year we raise chickens bred right here on our farm for the freezer. We hatch them in our incubator and put them in a brooder with a heat lamp until they are big enough to regulate their own temperature. From there they get moved into one of our custom built 'chicken tractors' which are large mobile homes that get moved daily around our pasture. This allows them to live naturally while keeping them safe from predators.

They are fed a premium non-GMO grain mix and are free to eat as much grass as they like everyday.


Just like all of our animals, they are raised without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Once they get to be about 7-8 weeks old they weigh between 5 - 7 lbs (2.27 -  3.18 kgs) and are sent to a local government inspected processor to be dispatched, processed and packaged.

Our chickens usually dress out (processed weight) to between 3-5 lbs (1.36 - 2.27 kgs).


We raise our poultry ethically with the highest standards and end up with a product that we are proud to stock not only our freezer, but the freezers of our family, friends and customers as well.

Space in this program is limited so contact us early to place your order. 

$5/lb or $11.02/kg

(whole, picked up from the processor or our farm on day of processing)

Raised on premium feed,
fresh water, green grass,
sunshine and love